Hans — 17 April 2007, 05:24


A page for comments and questions about the Triad Skin


Hans — 17 April 2007, 05:18

To remove underlining from links in the RightBar put into pub/css/local.css:

#rightbar a { text-decoration:none; }

writeon1 — 16 April 2007, 15:06

Since posting my question about eliminating underlining of links in the right sidebar, I have added them to the Site.Sidebar. Although I think they look a bit better without, this is a satisfactory solution. Thanks, Brendan

writeon1 — 16 April 2007, 13:14

I use Triad at http://www.sanfraneditor.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php(approve sites). I'd like to remove the underlining from the links in my right sidebar to match the Site.Sidebar, which does not have underlining. I've explored the css etc., tried to use div to turn off text decoration. No luck. (I posted this question to pmwiki yesterday). Thanks, Brendan

Morten — 29 March 2007, 10:06

The double horizontal lines that are shown above and below the title during normal display of a page are not displayed on the print page. In stead a horizontal gray line is shown below the title. When I remove the title (by using #titlebar {display:none;} in the css file) the gray line remains. Curiously, when I remove the title in the page itself (using (:notitle:)) the gray line does not show up on the print page. Any ideas?

Of course the text in the page corners were injected by the browser. I should have known/guessed that – sorry and thank you again.

Morten — 28 March 2007, 21:11

Thank you very much for that quick answer Hans. It worked fine to remove the title of the page by adding #titlebar to the css file as you described. However, there are several other things on the print page that I would like to remove so I hope you can help me out with that to:

1) There still is a horizontal gray line at the top of the page (it used to be just below the title).

I don't know what line you refer to. The titlebar in Triad uses double horizontal lines, one double line above the title and one double line below. Both will disappear if you set #titlebar {display:none;}. I assume you use direct printing, and not using ?action=print. Hans

2) There are different pieces of info in every corner of the page (page URL, page no., date and time...). It is so close to the edges that my printer can not print it properly and I would actually just like to get rid of it.

These are injected by the browser. You have to adjust the browser's print page layout (header and footer). Hans

Morten — 27 March 2007, 23:08

Hi Hans

I have recently installed your Triad skin and I like it very much. I use PmWiki for my teaching and the ability to hide the sidebars and resize the text is very convenient when showing pages using a projector. I would like to be able to modify the printing so that only the page text and nothing else is printed. Could you give me a hint on how to accomplish this.

For direct printing (without action=print) Triad uses its own css/layout-print.css file. In it you find a list of divs with {display:none;}. Add #titlebar to it to print the page text content only, without titlebar and all the sidebars, menubars etc. If you wish to use action=print: this action uses a separate "print skin" called "print". In its direcotory you can edit the css file. Hans March 28, 2007, at 07:58 AM

Hans — 04 February 2007, 09:49

gdp - I am aware that computer screens are getting ever wider. I trust that a user is setting his browser width for comfortable work, and not necessary maximising it. Gemini and FixFlow are designed for using the whole browser width, Triad can be configured for whole width or fixed width), and proportional fonts, to make it easy for comfortable reading.

I notice many sites on the web which have fixed width and tiny fixed fontsize. I can adjust the fontsize with Firefox, but because of the fixed width the column gets very narrow very quickly. With my skins at least you can adjust the width by adjusting your browser window width.

gpp — 03 February 2007, 16:50

Very impressed with all your skins.

There is a design fault with Triad, Gemini and Fixedflow in the main text area is too wide for comfortable reading. While this may be common on many many websites that maybe started their design for 800x600, I am sure you would complain if you had to read a book with lines that were around 140 characters in width, when the most readable width is around 70-80 characters. See newspapers and paperback books for example.

UTI — 08 January 2007, 10:12

Great Skin, Is it possible to exchange sidebar and rightbar - because i prefer navigation on the left.

Hans14 July 2006, 08:17

joe, i don't know how this can be done automatically.

Joe?13 July 2006, 15:46

by Joe; I`ve forgotten my email-adress: intermann@gmx.de

Joe?13 July 2006, 15:20

My question: when some changes the text, how can i ensure that the changes are displayed in a diffent color????

Hans21 June 2006, 06:41

This is a problem in Internet Explorer. IE does not handle tables very well and ignores vertical heights given.

fc?20 June 2006, 21:49

I remarked a small layout problem: When the page text is short, and you hide both sidebars, then an empty space appears between the horizontal topmenu and the text.

Andrey Brito?26 May 2006, 00:23

Congratulations, the Skin is very good.

My problem is: when I click on "skin config" and then any of the "Edit Site Page Top Menu", "Edit Site Page Foot Menu", "Edit Site Page Header", or "Edit Site Page Footer" options (under Configuration), it enters in loop asking for my password (even after a correct user/password, when a wrong password is inserted the "Name/password not recognized" is displayed).

Is this some misconfiguration here?

Thank you!


Hans — 17 April 2006, 08:18

Yes the page is edit protected, but one can still post with the commentbox. That is standard commentbox behaviour. I use Cookbook:CommentBoxStyled

John Morris — 16 April 2006, 21:55

I noticed your comments page edit is protected. I thought it had to be left open. I know mine are which is why I'm not keen on using them. How did you do it. I am using Triad and Wiki 2.1.5


Hans — 29 March 2006, 08:33

They are not related, but both are table based. This will make it not possible to fix a section.

Jiri — 28 March 2006, 21:49

I meant Triad skin, not Gemini. Are those skins related? My problem is not in long sidebar but in short sidebar (about 5 lines) and long page content. Anyway I am fully satisfied with Triad. Thanks.

Hans — 27 March 2006, 14:55

Sorry, this is not possible with Gemini. Please use Fixflow instead. But the sidebar cannot be resized in Fixflow, because of its fixed nature. still the main content and right bar resizes.

To avoid long sidebars you may waish to consider having Expanding Menus

Jiri — 27 March 2006, 10:19

Great skin; users appreciate the tex resizing a lot. Would be possible to modify the SideBar to be fixed/scrolling like in FixFLOW skin?

robert — 02 March 2006, 06:56

Thanks. The $logoFmt fixed the problem.

Hans — 25 February 2006, 09:58

Where is the site logo configured? In config.php with $LogoFmt or in Site.PageHeader?

Robert — 25 February 2006, 08:02

The style of the skin is great. However, when I switch from Gemini the site logo appears as text link.

Any thoughts?

Michael — 28 January 2006, 11:17

Thank you very much. It works perfectly now. Before your help I hadn't known/realised that I've got to set fmt=Site.PageListTemplates#[anything] instead of fmt=[anything].

Hans — 23 January 2006, 19:02

Have you got a pagelist template page? Pmwiki's default is Site.PageListTemplates. For the blog i use loads more custom formats fromBlog.BlogListTemplates. See also Cookbook:PagelistTemplateSamples

Michael — 23 January 2006, 18:51

Thanks a lot for your answer. I've got another question: I can't get working the (:pagelist:) directive with triad skin, unless I set fmt=forum. This one works fine but will display the pagelist in the forum style(, which btw is great for the forum, but not too suitable for some other purposes). What kind of "bug" might that be?

Hans — 21 January 2006, 18:12

You are correct. If the page content is short, IE will not compensate making the middle bigger and respecting the height of the footer and header, but wants to increase top, middle and bottom rows proportionally. whereas Firefox respects the height of the header and footer and stretches the middle. Still IE allows a 100% high layout, with the footer at the bottom of the window. Note that a background image for the footer needs some extra height to allow these variations IE introduces. I could not see a better solution, even if it is imperfect for some cases in IE.

Michael — 21 January 2006, 14:17

I like this skin very much. For its style and many useful options/features. But to me it seems it doesn't render correctly in IE6. There is a big blue bar between the main content / sidebar and the top menu. And the pagefooter is about three times as high as it should. These faults only seem to occur if the page content is rather short. For example on the HomePage.

What do you think? Thanks a lot!

PS Rendering in Firefox and Opera is fine, though in Opera the arrows for the hide toggle are only shown as lines.

Hans — 18 January 2006, 00:01

Thank you! I sent you an email.

p.morizotATfree.fr — 17 January 2006, 01:50

I like the first impression very much. my projet is to use the main center part for the article and your right side as a chat box to comment and propose modification. I wish to use on my mobile site or imode or chtml.For this version only one colon will be view at the time. Any recommendation ? thanks for your work Ho i forgot i guess there is no pb with multi language ? patrick